Bachelor Confessions

I’ll admit I’m a pretty loyal fan of the Bachelor. It doesn’t matter who the bachelor is (unless Brad comes back, he sucks), I watch it every week and dissect each date and interaction with my mother. If I had a plethora of friends, I would have a viewing party, offering champagne, chocolate and long stem red roses. Nothing like a good cat fight, some ugly crying and a little bit of bitch-slapping to get your week started. THANK GOODNESS this show airs on Monday’s.

I will admit that the “contestants” just keep getting weirder and weirder. The internet has gone crazy discussing the professional dog lover – although this profession is strange, did you see the puppy she brought to the premier?

I want to know why we aren’t talking about the “Free Spirit” ?? She showed up with no shoes on… COME ON! Where are you finding these people? If I was Juan Pablo and someone showed up without shoes AND PUT HER FEET ON MY LAP, i would have sent her home immediately. No one likes feet, especially during an introduction – it’s best to keep those dirty things to yourself.

Chris Harrison, I know you can do better. Now that you are divorced I guarantee you have young attractive women up in your business ALL THE TIME. Let’s be honest, I would apply for the show just for the chance to meet you, and then, of course, become the best bachelorette of all time (Ali comes in as a close second). For a sneak peak of my bachelor application, check out my dating ad. 

The previews for this season are out of control. Can’t wait to see which “lucky lady” Juan Pablo ends up with. Here’s to hoping this ends as well as Trista and Ryan, or as I refer to them, the CBCOAT aka the cutest bachelorette couple of all time !

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