About Me

Welcome to my blog, A Nenny Life !


Nenny loves Ice Cream

My name is Jenny, but my closest friends call me Nenny. When I was a young-in I had a hard time pronouncing my N’s. I liked to talk [a lot]; to strangers, to myself and to my fluffy cat Coyote Bait, CB for short. For a few years I went around calling myself “Nenny”.

I graduated from college with a BA in Linguistics at UC Santa Cruz – GO BANANA SLUGS.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Kate Spade and with HBO’s GIRLS. My sweet tooth is out of control and I am the least artistic person I have ever met.

“I feel how I feel, when I feel it” – Girls. I think I’m hilarious but not everyone agrees.

Want to know more? Read my blog!

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