The Definitive (Shallow) Guide to March Madness

Also the guide to winning a BILLION dollars.

Step 1: put on some pump up jams, such as Timber, Wake Me Up, Papa Loves Mama (Garth Brooks is a no brainer) and Sexy Back

Step 2: Print out a blank March Madness Bracket

Step 3: Collect the teams Mascots and Star Players

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Step 4: Determine who wins each match up by the ferocity of the mascot and the attractiveness of the star player. If all else fails, choose the team with the better overall ranking or the team with the most familiar names (hint: this ranking is provided to you by the NCAA)

Step 5: Submit your selection to YAHOO! for the Billion Dollar Bracket and to your office pool. SPOILER ALERT – There is a reason they call it MARCH MADNESS [ SO many teams]

Best of Luck! You’re Welcome.