Of “All Hallow’s Eve” Past

In the Ventura County Star yesterday, I found the “US Halloween Sales Forecast”. SURPRISE! People spend a TON of money on costumes.

According to this article, an estimated 158 Million people will celebrate Halloween. These 158 million people will spend an estimated $2.08 Billion on candy, $1.96 billion on decorations, $1.04 billion on children’s costumers, $1.22 billion on adult costumes and $330 million on pet costumes. PetSmart has that on lock with so many cute costumes this year, from the typical but ever adorable pumpkin to a french maid costume – put that on your french bulldog.

Based on these figures, believe it or not, people are spending less on Halloween this year than in 2012 – adding up to approximately $20 million less. If you break it down per person, however, each person cuts their spending by $5 on average. Although that’s nothing to write home about, it is one more Coffee Bean friday, great job 2013.

In honor of October and these Halloween figures, I dug up some old photos of some GREAT halloween costumes in the Simpson household.

The Great Butterfly Princess and Tweetybird:

halloween 1

Scared of the rain Batman

halloween 1-2

Raggedy Ann

halloween 1-3

Do people still use this costume?

And my personal favorite, make sure to check out my bangs. Real confused with this one

halloween china

Do you have any great or classic costumes? Let me see them!!

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