Mid Week Pick Me Up: Miley Does It Again

I’m not embarrassed to admit, I’m most definitely on Team Miley Cyrus. Although her VMA performance was somewhat entirely unexpected and a bit raunchy, she definitely got her point across. Everyone needs to cut her some slack – her hunky fiancé broke up with her only to be caught philandering with some model all over Vegas less than a week later. She’s 20 years old. Unlike the rest of us, she didn’t have her college years to be stupid, party too hard and make some questionable decisions. I’m not saying that I would prance around stage with a foam finger (and I’m sure this will make another appearance), but I’ve been known to throw down some AWFUL dance moves that make everyone cringe.

This week Miley is in a wonderful Rolling Stone article, although I’m not sure why she chose to get Rolling $tone tattooed on her feet. She is also featured on “23” by Mike Will Made it – although by watching the video, I assumed this was her song.

Lets be clear – I am NOT a fan of rap music. or whatever category this fits in. I don’t always understand what they are saying and I feel completely ridiculous attempting to sing along. Side Note: it goes without saying that Jay Z is the exception.

I have to admit, I’m kind of sort of really feeling this song. I didn’t understand that they were talking about Michael Jordan at first, we can chalk that up to a blonde moment, and I wish she would quit smoking, it is not sexy or attractive or badass. I’m not really sure what “high on perp” means. Its one of two things: one, “purple drank” or two, she’s psyched on the fact that she could be a perpetrator or a criminal. She should steer clear of both choices. I’m pulling for Miley to make it past the Lindsay Lohan “welcome back to rehab and jail” stage or the Britney Spears circa 2007 stage. It helps that Queen Britney is team Miley.


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  1. Alex · September 24, 2013

    perp may also be mary j. fingers crossed she skips the cliff her disney predecessors fell off of. (justin timberlake being the proud exception)

    • A Nenny Life · September 24, 2013

      JT is definitely the exception to the rule and he is killing it this year.

      Miley keeps singing about drugs – I can only hope that she is all talk on that front.


  2. Daniel rater · November 25, 2013

    Perp is a prescription pain killer.

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