Celebrity Encounters

Living in the bubble that is Westlake Village has its perks. Will Smith and Britney Spears live in the same community. Justin Beiber takes his million dollar cars out for joyrides in Calabasas near one of my favorite cupcakerys. Amanda Bynes went to high school and lived in Thousand Oaks – when she wasn’t hanging out with the dancing lobsters. Luckily for me, I’ve met plenty of celebrities.

Amanda Bynes Dad: BIG name here. I met him at Williams Sonoma in the mall. He stopped to talk to me and then showed me pictures of Amanda that he had in his wallet… this was before smartphones. I felt pretty cool for about a week, until I realized Amanda and I were not going to be best friends.

Adam Levines Dad: Again, another huge celebrity. His dad worked out at the same gym as me. We were so close, I definitely could have had him set me up on a date. Except for the fact that I was 14. And I’m not a tall leggy model for Victoria’s Secret.

LL Cool J: Walked into him back stage at his concert. He was all sweaty and gross so I didn’t say hi. He also licks his lips an insane amount when he performs. Its out of control.

The Guitarist from Smashmouth: He tweeted at me! This means we are on definite speaking terms. Too bad I didn’t know his name. Or the name of anyone else in Smashmouth.


Confession: I googled who he was…

I’m very well connected, meeting all of these celebrities. Next up: Kobe Bryant or Michael Phelps; I want to ask why he cheated on Miss America.

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