don't give up

“Be Kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.”

I never really understood the truth behind that until today. Maybe I’m a little bit selfish, but I have never spent the time to consider the burdens of others.

This morning I went to brunch with a few respectable women. One of the women in the group shared her story with us, reminding us that you can change your life and your perspective. She was an alcoholic spiraling out of control, she had reached Rock bottom (her words) and had “scheduled” her suicide. After all of these things that happened to her, she is grateful to be alive and doesn’t blame anyone or anything for what happened. Her new outlook on life is inspiring, and something she said stuck with me- “We all have a crutch, be it alcohol, meditation or something else. This crutch is the solution to a problem – not the problem”. From the outside looking in, we assume that a troubled individual needs to quit drinking or stop taking drugs and then things will be hunky dory.The truth is, you have to get to the core of the problem. Perhaps, we all need to spend a little more time working on what’s inside.

I think this woman has an incredible story that should be shared. She developed her own system of meditation, and appears to be very at peace with herself. I’m incredibly cynical, especially with anything related to meditation or holistic medicine. I can’t help it, I just have a really hard time believing that something like that can work; I find myself looking for scientific evidence. Despite my reservations, I’ve decided to give it a shot – just a few minutes a day to sit still. Although this may not work for me, it works for others and I respect that.

Sometimes we move through life without stopping to smell the roses. (Sorry for speaking in cliches). Its the little things in life that matter the most. What do you want to remember when you are 85, watching your grandchildren or great grandchildren grow up? Are you going to be preoccupied with that one test you failed, or with the boy who broke your heart last summer? Not likely. You probably won’t be concerned about your water bill or the fact that you ate ramen for three months straight to make rent. I would like to believe that you’re going to remember the good times. The time you laughed so hard you peed your pants, the time you broke into your house because you couldn’t find your keys (they were in you purse the entire time) or the time you ran out of gas and a team of runners had to push your car up a hill. You’ll remember your big life events – your biggest birthday, the first time you fell in love, the day you got engaged, the day you got married, the day your sister/best friend tied the knot, the day you have children and everything in between. You can’t go back in time, its useless to live with regrets. Learn from your mistakes, live in the moment. These were the cards you were dealt – you have the power to make them great.

I think that is what meditation is all about. Learning to let go and just be for a short while. I was told to start with a few minutes every day for seven days. Im apprehensive, but its worth a shot. I can do anything for seven days. Maybe I’ll become a believer. At the very least I’ll understand the benefits of meditation.

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