Hit the Brakes !

Deal breakers: behaviors that force one person to end a relationship with another.

I believe we have deal breakers because we have discovered through our life experiences, however limited they may be, what we want out of life and out of a relationship. It’s ok to break up because of a deal breaker- there will be someone else, someone who is worthy of your time, who respects your opinion. You will have disagreements: it is impossible to be in agreement 100% of the time.


Smoking: I dated a smoker once and absolutely hated it. Not only are you hurting yourself, but smoking is dangerous to my health as well. On top of the fact that tobacco is a toxin, you always smell like cigarettes, your teeth are permanently yellow and you waste a huge chunk of change buying cigarettes. Furthermore, I don’t want to kiss anyone that tastes like ash.

 Drugs: I have seen too many people ruin their life with drugs. I don’t have the patience to be around that environment. To put it simply: drugs freak me out.

Lying and Cheating (all cheaters are liars):“Once a cheater always a cheater”. I suppose this varies by the situation, but I don’t understand how you can wake up every morning next to your boyfriend and not want to punch his face in.

There are a hundred other things that can be deal breakers- these vary by person. Are we asking too much of our potential boyfriends? Are we weak and easily manipulated if we capitulate to his/her request to overlook a deal breaker? Does this set a bad precedent for the remainder of your relationship? Only time will tell. Don’t be surprised if you end up having the same argument again and again only to end up back at square one: single, sad and confused.

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