“Why I love Singlehood”

Because you like to snuggle

Because you like to snuggle

I just finished reading the book, Why I love Singlehood (Elisa Lorelo and Sarah Girrell) – not because I’m single (although that is also true) but because it was a “kindle single of the week”. Which means it was 99 cents. The perfect price for a mindless read.

In the book the main character writes a blog about why she loves being single, when ultimately she is looking to get married and doesn’t understand why her ex-boyfriend doesn’t’ love her. As it turns out her ex-boyfriend wants her back because he’s scum- so the story goes.

Her reasons for enjoying the single life are not really what I had in mind- things like not having to share counter space in the bathroom and being able to permanently avoid creeps due to the wedding ring on your finger – I don’t believe this will stop creeps from hitting on you. In fact, this may cause them to be more aggressive and disgusting. This woman forgot some of the best perks of being single:

One: You ALWAYS have leftovers! I don’t know about you, but I love leftovers- that’s two meals for the price of one. With a boyfriend you can forget about your leftovers – he will finish your meal for you. You’ll be stuck eating PB & J for lunch instead of the weekly special from your favorite place for specialty pizza.

Two: VEGAS. There are two ways to go to Vegas. You can go with your best friends OR you can go with your boyfriend, your choice. There are certain advantages to going with your girl friends. First, you don’t have to pay for anything other than your hotel room and some snacks. Second, it’s ok to go to the clubs in your special slutty Vegas attire; the dress and heels that your boyfriend wouldn’t want other guys to see you in. Third, you can take all the Instagram and check-in photos your heart desires. Clearly the purpose is to let everyone know you are single, looking good and in Vegas to have a good time.

Three: Say Yes To The Dress. And TLC Shows in general. As soon as you have a serious boyfriend he may be uncomfortable with the thought of you spending your Sundays mornings watching wedding shows. Most girls have been planning their weddings since middle school – see pinterest. Say yes to the dress is definitely one of my guilty pleasures.

While all of these things are excellent perks to being single, this does not mean that there aren’t perks to being in a relationship. You always have plans on the weekend [DATE NIGHT], you have someone to snuggle with besides your boyfriend pillow, you don’t have to eat alone, and you won’t be reading books about the joys of being single. Cheers to that, ladies.

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